Florensia Collaborates with Japanese Metal Band Mardelas


GAMESinFLAMES announces their collaboration with one of the hottest metal bands in Japan today: Mardelas. Together, they have released the new trailer for the Anime MMORPG Florensia, which is going to see its biggest content update in recent years this October. “Scavenger of the Past” will be featuring a completely new map and a new character level cap.

The “Scavenger of the Past” trailer features Mardelas’ hit single “Daybreak” from their successful album “Mardelas I” as the expressive title song. During the special concert Mardelas will be playing at the biggest anime and manga convention in Germany ConnichiGAMESinFLAMES will join them on stage to reveal the “Scavenger of the Past” Update, followed by the live version of the trailer song. Visitors of the convention can also look forward to giveaways and join the signing sessions with Mardelas.

Since 2014, Mardelas has released the albums Mardelas I and Mardelas II at King-Records. For more information on the band, visit them on Facebook.

Stay tuned for more information on the “Scavenger of the Past” Update in a future press release. Florensia is developed by AHA Entertainment and distributed worldwide by GAMESinFLAMES UG (GiF). For more information, visit www.florensia-online.com and Facebook.

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