Feeble’s Fable – Atomic Chimp Games Launches Kickstarter Program for Their Next Game


Atomic Chimp Games today announced the launch of a ,500 Kickstarter campaign to use crowdfunding to help fund their next video game development: Feeble’s Fable. This will be the second video game for Atomic Chimp Games, a studio dedicated to creating family friendly, fun entertainment.

This is your chance to be an unofficial member of this studio’s development team as a financial backer, with a minimum $12 pledge! In exchange for what you might pay at retail prices, you get some really cool stuff that is only being offered to Kickstarter backers. But that is not the only reason why you will want to be involved in helping this game get off the ground – premiere artist, Justin Hillgrove, famous for his Imps and Monsters, is creating the characters and environment for this game, as well as collaborating on creating the rich storyline that is sure to capture your attention for hours at a time.

Justin Hillgrove has created all sorts of products featuring his creatures, but this is his first venture into creating his art for a video game. This is something that he has wanted to do for a long time, but only after Michael Ingrassia, the Creative Director at Atomic Chimp Games, discovered Justin Hillgrove at a local art festival, did his dream come closer to a reality. Now, this dream is in production and, with your help and the support of others on Kickstarter.com, the game designers at Atomic Chimp Games can add features to ensure that this game is top-notch: an original soundtrack; a professional narrator; quality sound effects, more dramatic animated scenes and sound effects, plus publishing on multiple game platforms. The additional funding the studio receives will help to improve the overall gaming experience. Contributors who pledge $25 or more to support Feeble’s Fable will receive a copy of the game on their choice of platform, a digital copy of the game soundtrack, and access to exclusive behind the scenes videos. For more information on rewards for other pledge amounts, see the campaign details on Kickstarter.com.

The videos that are delivered monthly to Feeble backers during the six months of game production will include access to behind the scenes coverage showing a wide variety of the many facets of a game development process from early conceptual art and design through to the character animation and eventual gameplay testing phases. This is an exclusive look under the hood, so to speak, of a very fun and creative production.

The Feeble’s Fable Kickstarter funding campaign has launched and is off to a great start! It will run through midnight on March 31, so do not hesitate to make your pledge of support now at www.kickstarter.com/projects/atomicchimp/feebles-fable.

About Atomic Chimp Games
Founded in 2011, Atomic Chimp Games is a game development and production company based in Redmond, Washington. What makes Atomic Chimp Games unique is that the majority of the art and animation staff were completely trained in game development by Atomic Chimp Games’ Creative Director, Michael Ingrassia in his capacity as 3D game instructor at the 3D Training Academy, an elite training facility. Atomic Chimp Games’ philosophy is to develop games and applications that are fun, funny, include a compelling story and have top-notch visual aesthetics.

For more information visit www.atomicchimp.com or www.kickstarter.com/projects/atomicchimp/feebles-fable. ;

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