Fedeen Games Releases First Gameplay Trailer for Forsaken World Mobile


dbca9837-21d5-4344-8577-5f44b8093699The revolution grows closer! Fedeen Games has released a new gameplay trailer for Forsaken World Mobile! Watch as the beautifully 3D-rendered characters carve their way through enemies with an impressive range of combat techniques and animations. Team up with friends to better your chances of surviving the intense fast-paced combat. There are even a wide array of mounts that can help players traverse this massive world.

The content featured in the Forsaken World Mobile “First Gameplay Trailer” is just tip of the iceberg. What would all of the exploration, action, and adventure be without the proper voices to really immerse players in the game? Fedeen Games has collaborated with some seriously all-star voice talent to bring things to an even higher level of action and quality. Lending their talents to Forsaken World Mobile are acclaimed voice actors Jason Canning (Diablo III, LEGO Star Wars) and Natalie Gray (Forever Knight, Kung Fu: The Legend Continues).

Prepare for battle! Forsaken World Mobile will be released this summer on iOS and Android devices. Players can pre-register for some EPIC LOOT! www.fedeen.com/games/forsaken-world-pre-register/

For additional information, visit the official Forsaken World Mobile website:http://www.fedeen.com/games/forsaken-world/

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