Farm Mania HD Comes to the iPad


Realore Studios proudly announces that their popular PC game Farm Mania is finally available for iPad owners. Based on a well-balanced action, the game features 60 challenging levels in arcade and casual modes and 12 hidden object mini games. With the variety of challenges one must face and high replayability value, the game provides long hours of diverse agricultural fun for both casual and hardcore gamers.

The action takes place on a colorful campaign map. The player’s mission is to build up an old farm «from zero to hero». To complete it, users should not only plant and sell crops, but also water and feed multiple animals as well as bake tasty pies and cakes, make warm scarfs and gloves, and implement modern technologies and their own know-hows to make the farm of their dream. A wide range of available upgrades lets users improve their speed, harvest more products, ship out more goods and increase their working efficiency.

Time management game fans will love frantic Arcade mode where users have to complete certain goals in a limited timeframe, while casual strategy lovers will enjoy the untimed Casual Mode. A jaunty musical soundtrack nicely complements the on-screen farming fun, while beautiful HD graphics and lively presentation makes Farm Mania HD a truly pleasant game to play. As an added bonus, Farm Mania HD players can take advantage of online leader boards via Apple GameCenter.

“Since the PC version of Farm Mania proved to be a real hit game, occupying top positions of world-known portals and charts, we decided to bring this title of ours to the iPad platform. Having sold a great number of its PC copies, we’re sure that Farm Mania HD will now attract thousands of new iPad players and bring them hours of unforgettable farming fun” – said Natalia Matveeva, head of business development at Realore.

The game is available for download at:

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