Fandom Launches Game Publishing Arm With Early Access Release of Action-Adventure Roguelike UnderMine


Fandom, the fan-first global entertainment platform, announced today its first foray into game publishing with the release of action-adventure roguelike, UnderMine. The game, developed by Thorium Entertainment, will be available for early access on Steam on August 20th. Fandom plans to leverage its deep expertise and extensive network of communities and gamers to successfully bring the game to market.

Inspired by groundbreaking games such as The Legend of Zelda, The Binding of Isaac and Rogue Legacy, UnderMine is an action-adventure roguelike RPG delivering a fresh new entry to the genre. Blending combat and dungeon crawling, players lead dozens of peasants to their death with the objective of mining gold. While players are still challenged by the consequences of permadeath, upgrades pass on, enabling characters to take on bigger bosses and expand their horizons.

“We’ve had a strong desire to publish video games for years now, as it’s a natural extension of the strong gaming community we’ve cultivated on Fandom, but we needed to find the perfect game with which to launch our publishing arm,” said Ben Robinson, VP of Gaming at Fandom. “We believe that UnderMine is the perfect fit and are confident that our deep understanding of the gaming industry and what appeals to gamers will make us a great partner for Thorium.”

Fandom’s combined platforms have a total of 110 million gaming fans who play an average of 14 hours of video games per week. Leveraging its central position in the gaming world, Fandom plans to put UnderMine in front of millions of relevant gamers looking for a new challenging roguelike. To further support the launch, the official UnderMine wiki will be hosted on Gamepedia, a video game wiki platform owned by Fandom, and will feature content documenting the game to assist players as they begin their gameplay. The wiki will also include a series of articles, beginner guides, and interviews with UnderMine’s developers.

“We’re thrilled with the feedback we’ve received on UnderMine and can’t imagine a better publishing partner than Fandom, with their devoted fan base and vibrant gaming communities,” said Derek Johnson of Thorium Entertainment. “UnderMine has already garnered numerous accolades, such as being selected for ‘Best Adventure’ in the Indie Playground at DreamHack Atlanta 2018 and as one of the titles showcased in the 2019 PAX East Indie Megabooth. We are confident these achievements are only the beginning.”

UnderMine will be released on August 20th for early access on Steam for PC and Mac. Following the early access launch, the game will be updated with new content every two weeks. Six months after the early access release, UnderMine will be available for full release.

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