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Last month APB Reloaded publisher GamersFirst acquired the post-apocalyptic MMO Fallen Earth. Rumors circulated that the game would most likely go F2P and the community was in a state of confusion about the state of the game. GamersFirst has confirmed that the over the next 5 months the game will transition to an F2P business model. All 12 Fallen Earth employees have joined GamersFirst Reloaded Productions and will continue working on the upcoming expansion Alpha County.

Massively learned in a conference call with GamersFirst that the will be adding a four tier payment model to the game. Here are the details they released:

Just how free-to-play will it be?

There will essentially be four tiers of this new business model: completely free, plus the Silver, Gold, and VIP subscription levels. The subscriptions will offer reward points, much as the game does now, but with even more items to purchase with those points. Keep in mind that these may not be the official names of the subscription tiers on release.

Free: This is to be considered an unlimited free trial, by which players will be allowed to play the game from end to end completely free if they’d like. They just won’t earn any reward points.

Silver: This tier will cost less than the current sub price (which is currently $14.99 a month) and provide the same content. All subscriptions (Silver, Gold, and VIP) will also earn enhanced XP gain.

Gold: This will cost the same as the current sub fee but offer more reward points and bonuses each month, which can be spent in the item shop. So you’ll be getting more for the same price.

VIP: With this top tier (which will most likely cost more than the current sub fee), players will have the ability to share their VIP bonuses with everyone in their party in the form of a VIP “aura.” So if one person in your party is VIP but the rest are free players, everyone in the group will still reap the rewards of this aura. These rewards are also stackable, so if you have a full party of VIP members, you can expect some crazy boosts for everyone in the group.

Also, the game will be a free download from the GamersFirst site, but the company will not be removing either the current stock of boxed copies being sold in brick and mortar stores or the Steam digital download. If you do buy a boxed copy, you’ll get some sort of subscription compensation to equal things out. Details on this haven’t been finalized yet.

No confirmation was given on what kind of items will be available in the Item Shop, but it was confirmed that items can be purchased with both Fallen Earth Reward Points and GamersFirst Credits. So you will be able to pay for these items using either real cash or just through the rewards you earn from the game.

Source: Massively

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