Embark on a Naval Adventure with Here Be Dragons


What if all the stories about Christopher Columbus’ alleged greatness were lies? What if Chris was a fraud who took advantage of an unfortunate group of lunatics who did all the dirty work for him? Here Be Dragons will now reveal the truth through a tactical strategy and turn-based dice rolling game. Throw all the history books overboard and download the game on Steam for $19.99. Watch the latest trailer featuring tunes from the Swedish shanty band Ye Banished Privateers.

Become crazed captains hired to eliminate all mythical monsters lurking beneath the waters leading to the New World. As you sail across the living map, avoid slimy Kraken tentacles, fight the Leviathan, watch out for devious mermaids, and get rid of all the ghost ships. Tear through every underwater creature and help Columbus get to America without harm.

Visit the game page on Steam (https://store.steampowered.com/app/945680/Here_Be_Dragons/) to add it to your library. Toss your anchor over – you can now enjoy the full game for only $19.99!

In 1492, Christopher Columbus led Europe to a New World. That’s a fact.


Think about it. Ten weeks of travel, 100 people, three ships. Waters full of frightening creatures like the Kraken, Triton, Leviathan, and ghost ships. Do you really think three ships stuffed full of humans had any chance against those gargantuan sea creatures? Of course not! They were just three juicy dumplings, filled with delicious stuffing, exposed to the bloodthirsty beasts of the ocean. But these lousy officials feed you stories of Christopher Columbus’s alleged greatness. Why? For those who don’t know – it’s always about money and reputation.

The upper classes, worried about their place in the hierarchy, were dissatisfied with the stories about the “Avant Armada” that spread around the world. Stories of brave lunatics who defeated beasts lurking beneath the cold waves of the Atlantic ocean. All documentation of the facts was destroyed, and any word of these events turned into unverified hearsay, to be easily replaced by a pompous legend about the success of Christopher Columbus.

Who would benefit from such a story? One about a bunch of freaks who cleared hostile waters just so Chris could sail across them as easily as a canoe through a pond? It’s not the kind of legend an old sailor would tell the locals. It wouldn’t get all the landlubbers talking, nor would it inspire the people.


  • Be a responsible captain, you mongrel! Use the original Dice Activation System to attack enemies, heal your crew, and upgrade the fleet.
  • Decide the fate of the fleet before someone or something decides for you. Collect Ink and use Errata to turn the tide of an encounter.
  • This map can’t be rolled up. Cross the seas using an ancient, living map, full of terrible creatures ready to devour you!
  • Defeat hideous creatures – Confront the fiercest beasts that ever lived: Leviathans and Krakens, predatory whales and lustful mermaids. Decimate Tritons, awaken dragons, and then erase them from human memory.
  • You’ll go nuts! Meet an extraordinary company of weirdos, madmen, and oddballs. Their vices and virtues fuel the journey.
  • The bureaucrats will try your patience. Clash with the bureaucratic machine. Don’t lose your cool when confronted by the absurdities spewed by authorities and royal advisors.
  • Think of yourself as a Witcher of the sea. Spit on pirates. Ignore the settlers. You’re above them all – a monster hunter traversing aqua incognita. So what if you go crazy sometimes?
  • Here Be Dragons has just sailed out into the open waters of Steam. The full game has left early access and is now available on the platform for $19.99.

    More information about the game can be found on the game’s Steam page, Facebook, official website, and developer’s Twitter profiles.

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