[E3 2015] Ubisoft Unveils Trials Fusion: Awesome Level Max



It appears RedLynx isn’t done with Trails Fusion just yet, as Ubisoft announced Trials Fusion’s newest expansion Awesome Level Max.

Awesome Level Max adds 40 brand new tracks, achievements, characters, and a Flamethrowing Unicorn as a new mode of transportation. Trials Fusion base game will also be included in Awesome Level Max including all the previous Trials Fusion expansions to date.

Awesome Level Max will be split into two separate themed packs, The Awesome Adventure and RedLynx vs. All-Stars. Awesome Adventure will pit players against 8 new classic tracks and mini-games all while parading around as a gun wielding cat that is mounted on a majestic Flamethrower Unicorn.

RedLynx vs. All-stars is a collaboration between RedLynx and some of the greatest track creators in Trials Fusion. This expansion will include well over 20 maps, well over half are fan creations and the others are made by RedLynx.

The Awesome Level Max Expansion will be available July 14th.