[E3 2015] Ubisoft Announces Anno 2205 Coming to PC in November


Anno2205_Logo_Black_Blue_Glow_E3_150615_4pmPST_1434360891Anno 2205 is the sixth-installment of the beloved strategy city-building game exclusively for PC that takes place in a future world scenario. In this world, players start as the leader of a developing corporation whose goal is to increase the happiness of the citizens by building and expanding cities on Earth and fulfilling their growing needs. A scientific breakthrough in fusion energy promises to revolutionize all aspects of society. The necessary isotope, Helium-3, can only be found in harvestable quantities on the moon. Players must race to set up production colonies on it and harvest their resources to send back to Earth in time to continue creating gigantic metropolises.

The Anno franchise has visited a number of epochs throughout the years, and the future setting of Anno 2070 was a great success among players worldwide. When the time came to decide what would be the next Anno setting, we all felt that there was still so much to explore in what is possible for the future. Space, and travelling to the moon, was our key plot point, so we developed the story of Earth in need of rare resources that lead entrepreneurs towards mining sites on the moon, and the struggles and challenges being connected to the so called Lunar Licensing Program. And then of course, as always, the numbers in the Anno years’ digits always total to nine [2+2+0+5 = 9]. But that’s just numerology rooted in developer superstition.

Each new game takes a different path based on the player’s decisions. The main quest line unlocking the basic feature progress stays the same for several reasons. However, all of the rest is one enormous sandbox experience that is shaped by the player and the player’s play style. In each game, the player chooses the session to start, which difficulty level, which islands to settle, what to build there, which mini campaigns to tackle, what resources to produce or to trade, and so on. Anno always emphasizes player freedom.

The game will be released on November 3 worldwide on PC, Uplay and Steam.

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