[E3 2013] Level 5 – Fantasy Life E3 2014 Announcement Trailer



Developer Level-5’s slice-of-life role-playing game Fantasy Life is coming to Nintendo 3DS in North America this October, announced by Nintendo today.

The game, which launched last December in Japan, features contributions from two Final Fantasy series veterans, video game composer Nobuo Uematsu and artist Yoshitaka Amano.

Players will explore and carve out a place for themselves within its open world. Players will build a home, set up a job, and take part in combat and story missions with others players. Check out the trailer below:

About Fantasy Life:

FANTASY LIFE is an original RPG for the Nintendo 3DS from LEVEL-5, featuring music by Nobuo Uematsu and image illustration by Yoshitaka Amano. Set in a beautiful and vast open world, players create their own avatars and take up a vocation of their choosing, living out their lives as they see fit. You can set out on an adventure to save the world, or spend your days in leisurely pursuits such as cooking or fishing. Find the meaning of your new life in the limitless possibilities that reside in FANTASY LIFE on the Nintendo 3DS.

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