Divinity: Dragon Commander Now Available for Pre-Order on GOG.com


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Brace yourselves – GOG.com, DRM-free digital distributor of all that is good in gaming is happy to announce: come June, there be dragons! The GOG.com release of Divinity: Dragon Commander is almost upon us and pre-orders for the title started Wednesday.

Divinity: Dragon Commander is an adrenaline-fueled mix of strategy and dragon-on-dragon combat, set in the Divinity universe developed by Larian across its award-winning RPG series. As emperor over a land divided by bitter political struggles between factions, you must command your armies, lead your forces from astride the magnificent war machine that is your dragon, balance the needs of different peoples in your lands, and even decide on the best political alliances and marriages to undertake to secure your rule.

As otherworldly as it sounds, Dragon Commander is also a thrilling political satire, with each character’s beliefs and decisions deeply rooted in a disturbingly familiar social and political doctrines resembling those from our troubled, real world. For anyone who loves their grand strategy games with a twist and a hell of an adrenaline rush, Dragon Commander is a sure-fire pick.

Want to see for yourself? Take a look at an exclusive gameplay presentation from our Q&A with Larian Studios, complete with developer commentary on unit upgrades, character backstory and council decision-making.

By pre-ordering Dragon Commander on GOG.com you can take 5$ off of its retail price and get it only for $39.99!

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