Dragomon Hunter Receives New Class and Pair of Dungeons


DMH_Logo_MediumAre you ready for even more wild adventures? An all-new new class has just joined the roster of the monster-hunting MMORPG, Dragomon Hunter – the Samurai! This honorable fighter can equip either a tremendous Katana or a set of ferocious Twin Halberds, and harnesses the power of the wind in battle to whip hapless enemies around.

But that’s not all! In addition to the new class, the free-to-play title has just opened two thrilling dungeons for both mid- and high-level players. Get your bunny on in the “Hoppalong Wonderland,” a worthy challenge for solo and group players of level 35 or higher that pits them against a horde of bloodthirsty Hoppalongs and their giant boss-the shrewd, the heinous, Hoppalong Honcho, Rottontail! If that’s not enough, the terrifying Trial Tower is now available for solo and group players of level 50. Hunters must race against the clock with only 15 minutes to clear 20 dangerous floors jam-packed with some of the most savage Dragomon you’ve ever seen! Should you succeed against these odds, your rewards could be all-new player companions or level 50 gold-quality accessories!

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