Dice Masters Faerun Under Siege (Table Top)


DnDFaerunUnderSiege-HeaderTitle: Dice Masters Faerun Under Siege
Developer: WizKids/NECA
Genre: Hybrid Collectible Card/Collectible Dice Game
Platform: Something flat, like a table.  Probably about 3 feet in diameter but Square works better.
Price: $19.99 starter, $0.98 Foil Booster
Rating: 10 and up, it has Math.
Release Date: Out Now


I’m playing a money game, I won’t say where because I still have both my pinkies attached and would like to keep it that way.  It’s a Chaos Draft.  You buy 2 packs from each set then draft a card and pass.  Winner takes everything home, all the cards, all the dice.

I’m sweating because it’s the finals and we’re tied 1-1, I’m at 4 life and he’s at 5 and I really need that Zombie Magneto to fill in my collection.  I’m riding the backs of a Common Supergirl and Uncommon Harley Quinn  and I look down and think, “You know what would complete this?  If I had a demonic spider fetish dominatrix elf.”

Faerun Under Seige (FUS) is the latest dice master set to hit the streets.  The first Dungeons and Dragons based set, Battle for Faerun, is notable in competitive play for introducing Polymorph, Resurrection, and Magic Missile as three of the top choice Basic Action Cards as well as a selection of set specific affects that are mostly ignored.

Like the previous Dungeons and Dragons based set Faerun Under Siege has the thickest, sturdiest cards and dice that are slightly larger than the comic book based set.  Everything feels tougher and that’s a good thing.  The artwork is all in the new DnD WoTC style.  I was actually hoping for some recycled Spellfire/Larry Elmore art, but then I’m a bitter old man that still owns a collection of ’80’s Cop shows on VHS.

One of the things about the game is that competitive play is dominated by teams that have cards drawn from across different sets.  FUS is the first set I’ve seen since Uncanny X-Men, where you can build a tournament competitive team from just this set.

With the new introduction of Fabricate you can now get some expensive dice in by sacrificing other dice and with the number of Fiends in play having the old DnD staple of Gating in other fiends, you can quickly flood the field with tough monsters at low costs and some serious damage mitigation in the form of Golems.

It also introduced fan favorites Bahamut and Lolth as well as the reason why you can’t play a Fantasy MMO without seeing a group of dark skinned elves with so many Zs in their names that you think you’re listening to the last minute of Planet Rock, Drizzt.


That’s the sound of a 1000 fanbois creaming their jeans.

After the Amazing Spider-Man set, where the best cards were the higher rarity, this is a return to form for Dice Masters.  The Commons and Uncommons are the ones that will see the most in-game use with the Rares and Super-Rares being mostly of interest to collectors.

Outside of the BACs, DnD is highly under represented in competitive play.  I think FUS will change that up a bit.  With the Golem having cost effective damage mitigation abilities just by being active, cheap BACs with good effects, and the avoidance of in set only keywords (Monster, Adventurer, Good, Evil) you should quickly see cards from FUS hitting competitions.

The question is always, can I win?  The answer is, to quote Kool-Aid Man, “Oh Yeah!”

Put 4 dice on Hell Hound: Lesser Fiend, Glabrezu: Minion Fiend, and Erinyes: Greater Fiend.  3 on Orcus: Demon Prince of Undeath.  2 on Balor: Greater Fiend.  Then put a single die on each of the Golem: Lesser Constructs.  Finish it out with the BACs Shocking Grasp and Blink Transmutation.

You now have a super cheap, hard hitting field flooder, Up to 6 points of direct damage mitigation each turn, and Blink does direct damage when you are blocked.

Start with Hell Hound and Glabrezu turns 1 and 2.  You’ve now turned Eriynes into a 3 cost and Orcus and Balor into 4 costs.  Orcus gives you a guarantee field of a second Fiend each time he’s fielded, and Balor gives you a 50% chance of doing the same plus skipping the purchase cost.  Erinyes then lets you pull Fiends out of the Used pile each time she attacks.  You will always have blockers and attackers.

Use any spare energy to buy up Blink and keep it out of your opponent’s hand and as your prep builds, field the Golems to give you late game staying power.  If you need energy, use Shocking Grasp to KO your own Sidekicks and put both dice in prep for your next turn.

I wouldn’t put PXG in this set, you don’t need it, but I know some players won’t come to the table without it, so swap Clay Golem if you must.  I’d rather build my strategy without the crutch then punish me enemy if they decide to bring it.  The look on a PXG monkey’s face when turn 3 or 4 you drop an 8/8 +1 on him and then never look back as he’s punished for his hubris and just has to sit there and take the pounding as you go on an offensive roll that will cost him the game is worth the cost of the cards.

One warning is this won’t win against a Janky-Combo deck (like an all Lightening Lantern Ring combo), so keep your distance when money is on the line.

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