‘Design Your Own Game’ Competition Hosted by Larian Studios & Gameland


Larian Studios and Gameland are hosting a ‘Design Your Own Game’ competition where the winner will win K towards developing and publishing your game. The contest states that all you need to do is pitch an idea for new and innovative game for iPhone that has the potential to be successful.

The winning pitch will have their game developed and published by Larian Studios (known for their award-winning “Divinity” RPG franchise), and all profits will be split 50/50. A budget of K will be invested in the game with the option of increasing the budget if the game is truly exceptional.

A panel of experts will review all submissions and choose the best one. The main criteria used to evaluate the pitches will be:

· The game needs to bring something new & innovative
· The panel should establish that there is a commercially significant market for the game
· The initial budget required to develop the game may not exceed 30,000US$

The winner will be announced at Gameland, a unique event that takes place on September 10 and 11 in theme park Bobbejaanland, where gamers can go to learn about the latest games and the latest technology in the games world.

Aspirant game designers without a development team should head over to Larian Studios Competition for more information and the rules and regulations of the competition.

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