Decluttr Enters Online Store Game – World’s Largest eBay/Amazon Seller Opens its Own Online Store


eBay and Amazon are two of the largest marketplaces in the world. Everyone knows that you can buy almost anything, but few know that musicMagpie is the world’s top seller on both platforms. In addition, musicMagpie is officially the first eBay seller anywhere in the world to hit 5,000,000 feedbacks. With almost one million products for sale on eBay, and a tremendous 99.4% positive feedback rate, musicMagpie is the go-to retailer for millions around the globe. On Amazon, musicMagpie is currently offering almost 700,000 products – from used movies and video games to phones and game controllers.

musicMagpie, and its U.S.-based offering called Decluttr, allow consumers to sell back their used music, games and technology and receive cash in return. The company inspects each item returned to ensure the quality and functionality, and then resells the goods on eBay and Amazon Marketplace. The company launched in 2007 and now employs over a thousand people.

To make it easier than ever for consumers to get great prices on the tech items they want most, has launched its own online store at, marking a significant transition in its business direction. Primarily known for giving customers cash for their unwanted tech items, Decluttr launched the store with thousands of products available to purchase, including gaming consoles, phones, tablets and more.

Tech-buying site has launched an online store at, marking a significant transition in its business direction. Primarily known for giving customers cash for their unwanted tech items, Decluttr recently launched the store with thousands of products available to purchase.

“The launch of our online store is the next phase in the evolution of our customer offerings. Through the trade-in service, we have been able to build a strong base of customers who like making and saving money, so this is a natural move for us,” said Liam Howley, Decluttr marketing director.

Customers can purchase high quality refurbished smartphones, tablets, game consoles and iPods at the Decluttr Store, all at market-leading prices. Decluttr also offers customers a 12-month warranty on all orders and free shipping. All products also come with a quality guarantee, which means all products go through a thorough testing process to maintain high standards before they are sent to customers.

Howley says the days when people are satisfied with being tied down to two year contracts with the big carriers are ending. “By purchasing our like-new refurbished phones we are not only saving consumers big sums of money but also giving them back the flexibility they crave,” Howley added.

Consumers are still able to make money on the items they no longer need, but now Decluttr is providing a less expensive, and greener alternative for consumers searching for technology in the Decluttr Store. Customers will also be able to make bigger savings on the items they want, with incentives such as 10 percent off available at key times of the year.

Products stocked online include:
• All versions of iPhones including the latest 7 and 7 Plus devices
• All Samsung cell phones
• Blackberry, HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia, and ZTE cell phones
• Xbox 360 & Xbox One
• Sony PlayStations
• Nintendo Wii and DS consoles
• iPads from version 1 up to the latest iPad Pro
• Acer, Google, LG, Microsoft, and Samsung tablets
• All versions of iPods

When it comes to prices, the Decluttr Store offers the best prices in the market. For example, customers can buy an unlocked iPhone 6s for $306.99, with free tracked shipping and a 12-month warranty for a ‘very good’ graded device.

In comparison, a similar site is offering the same phone in a lower grade condition for $401.74, plus $7.99 shipping with a 30-day return option.

For more information on the Decluttr Store, visit:

About Decluttr is a fast, easy and FREE way to sell CDs, DVDs, Games, Books, Cell Phones and Tech! The service removes all the stress and costs of selling your unwanted stuff online. All customers need to do is get an instant price for your items using the website or FREE app, pack them into any box and ship them for FREE. Thanks to Decluttr’s Fast Next Day Payments, customers then get paid the day after their items arrive by direct deposit, PayPal or check – or they can donate to charity! For more information on trade-in values, visit

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