DCUO Update 4 Details Released at E3 2011


DCUO players will have something to look forward to in the next few months when Update 4 is released. Update 3 was just released last week with the Spring Event and a new four-player alert, and it looks like the next update won’t be too far behind.

SOE and DCUO announced at the recent E3 event that Update 4 will finally include Superman content which is something players have been requesting for a long time. An epic battle where Braniac has taken over the Fortress of Solitude will force Superman to do something he never imagined doing, team up with Zod and Lex Luthor to force Braniac out of his fortress. The event will be targeted towards characters that are Level 30 and will have players facing off against Braniac in a wave event taking place inside the Fortress of Solitude. Also included with this new content will be a new tier of iconic armor and a new currency called Marks of Krypton. Marks will be available through the mission and will be used for players to purchase upgrades and gear.

If you aren’t into helping Superman than you will be happy to know that a new four-player version of the Batman instance will be included in this update. Currently this content is only available as a raid, so now smaller groups will be able to experience this content too. The four-player version will remain intact when it comes to the map, story, and theme, but will obviously be less difficult and a slight variation of its raid counterpart.

The update is scheduled for later this summer, so DCUO fans/players will have two updates to enjoy this summer; a rare feat in MMOs.

Source:Ten Ton Hammer

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