Daybreak Games Releases Water Powerset for ‘DC Universe Online’


Daybreak Games has released the highly anticipated Water Powerset for the long-running MMO DC Universe Online (DCUO). As the first new Powerset in two years, Water adds beautiful visuals and new abilities to the Damage and Healer roles.

Inspired by Mera and the extended Aquaman family, this 15th Powerset allows players to bend and blast water into incredible torrents of destruction, summon constructs to wash away your enemies, and even envelop your allies with powerful water shields to reduce damage taken and soothe their wounds. Players can also turn the tides of conflict by pulling strength from the mystical energies of the ocean depths.

The Water Powerset is included with DCUO membership and is available for purchase for non-Members in the in-game Marketplace.

Earlier this summer, Daybreak introduced the Stats Revamp to improve all of DCUO’s stat-based numbers and rebalance gameplay, combat, progression, and all Powersets accordingly. The overhaul determines a player’s effectiveness in-game through their stats, skills and combat ratings, allowing for a stronger foundation for future systems, Powersets and features.

Once this summer wraps up, DCUO will be releasing two new episodes. Episode 29: Riddled With Crime will be available in September, while Episode 30: Earth 3 will come later this year in November.

Learn more about the Water Powerset here:

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