Cyberpunk Inspired Tale Epanalepsis Out Now


epan_header2Three disparate lives, three defining moments in time, one infinite loop. Epanalepsis, a cyberpunk-inspired tale, is now available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.

From Cameron Kunzelman and Mastertronic comes Epanalepsis, a narrative-focused point-and-click adventure about life and technology. To the immersive sounds by music artist audiosprite, unravel the tangled threads of time and explore a curious story of connections across sixty years of urban life, paying homage to New Wave science-fiction, cyberpunk and 1990s art cinema. If you knew what your future holds, what would you change?

Epanalepsis Website:

(Launch discount: 20% off for 1 week)

As a writer and game designer, Cameron Kunzelman creates video games to the intersections of art, games, and contemporary philosophy. Some of his previous works include the horror game, Catachresis, and Oh No, featuring the disembodied head of Michel Foucault, and Slavoj Žižek Makes A Twine Game, a Twine game about the divisive philosopher creating a game in Twine. His games have been commissioned by The AV Club and shown in a fine-art context.

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