Conquer Online 2.0 – First Official Trailer Released


Conquer Online, first in the PC MMO space to launch a successful free-to-play MMO in 2003, is now making itself available to even more players. The game is coming soon to iPad, and will be completely free to download with no monthly subscription fee. Now, Conquer Online will have something to enjoy for every type of MMO fan.

• Battle-hardened warriors will enjoy the diversity of a diverse selection of six different playable classes and massive skill trees.

• Take on an apprentice or find a mentor to learn the ropes and gain more experience on the battlefield.

• Kick back with friends by building and furnishing your own in-game House for social gatherings.

• Love, marriage and divorce are an integral part of the social nature of Conquer Online!

• Mount up, join a respectable Guild and challenge other players in a PvP environment.

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