Collaboration between “Logres” Mobile Game and the “Attack on Titan” Anime to be Held


Aiming Inc. and Marvelous Inc announce a collaboration starting on June 15, 2017 between the Online RPG for smartphones “Logres: Japanese RPG” and the “Attack on Titan” anime.

Collaboration Quests to be opened!
Eren Jaeger and the Colossal Titan are coming to the world of Logres!
Together with Eren and Mikasa, destroy the Colossal Titan that has suddenly appeared!

In addition to Sixth Sense weapons that can summon Attack on Titan characters, you can get limited items like “Ultrahard Blades” and the “Scout Regiment Uniform”!

Collaboration Lotto to go on sale!

Collaboration weapon “Ultrahard Blades” to be included in the Premium Collaboration Lotto lineup!

[Collaboration Period]
06/15 (THU) 0:00 to 06/28 (WED) 23:59 (PST)

Download the Game now:

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