Classic Tic Tac Toe Re-Invented so You Can Now Play with Three Players in “Tic Tac Mo”


Here is a revolutionary new way to play one of the classic and most popular games of all time. For all ages, Tic Tac Mo is for three people, although one or two people can also play against the computer.

Players are assigned X, O and Y.  Each person places a symbol in a box. The first to achieve three in a row wins, either horizontally, vertically or diagonally.

This revolutionary way to play the classic game challenges you to watch carefully a mathematical progression of two other variables.

Tic Tac Mo! was developed by a Dr. Ken Mask, a father who was intent on including two children in the traditional game.

TIC TAC MO retails for $0.99.
Recommended Age: 3+
Tic Tac Mo is available on the iTunes Game Center store and the iBook on the Apple’s iBook Store for iPhone and iPad.>

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