Class of Heroes 3 Announced for PSP and PS Vita


QA-LogoMonkeyPaw Games, Inc. and GAIJINWORKS are pleased to announce the digital version of Class of Heroes 3 (CoH3) will release on the PSP in late 2015. As a PSP game, Class of Heroes 3 will also be compatible with the PlayStation Vita system as well as the PlayStation TV system using PSP emulation.

One of the many new features in Class of Heroes 3 will be the ability to choose one of three schools from which to begin the game that will become the player’s home base. Your school of choice will not only affect the game’s difficulty but will also give players access to different uniforms and interaction with charmingly unique characters.

A central component of the game will be an Affinity System that allows game characters to have love/hate relationships and which players are able to control.  Players will explore all-new labyrinths that now have ambient music during exploration and feature enhanced graphics. The battle system has been upgraded with play-friendly features like HP gauges on each monster encountered and a visual targeting system.

As with other recent import releases from MonkeyPaw Games and GAIJINWORKS, fans and collectors can soon vote in a poll to register their interest in a Limited-Edition physical+digital version that will include a physical Limited-Edition game as well as a digital code that can be redeemed on PlayStation Network.

This unique offering allows PlayStation Vita players to enjoy the game even though they don’t have a UMD drive and also PSP collectors to keep a pristine, unopened physical version yet, still enjoy the game using the digital download code.

The online poll is planned at the end of May.  A successful outcome will result in a physical+digital game pre-sale for what will instantly be one of the rarest console games ever made.

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