Chain Chronicle Gets More Epic With New Seafaring Expansion


CC_2004x586-TitleTreatmentSEGA Networks co., Ltd. and gumi Inc.’s hit line defense mobile role-playing game Chain Chronicle has set sail with a huge expansion called Version 2, and is available right now for iOS and Android devices.

Also known as Chain Chronicle: Brave New Continent, Version 2 features a brand new story where you lead the Volunteer Army to explore new territories in Yggdra following their victory against the Black Army. Their bold new quest will lead them to fame and fortune.

Chain Chronicle: Brave New Continent features:
• New Allies Join The Fray. All-new 4 and 5 star characters, from swashbuckling pirates to enchanting merfolk, await you in the new world.
• A Brand New Adventure Beyond The Ocean. Brave through the new continent in an all-new tale filled with new dangers, new enemies, and big treasure!
• Old Legends Made Anew. Existing heroes and heroines now have new 4 and 5 star counterparts. Get their new awakened forms via special quests!
• Permanent Recruit Rates Increase. There is now a higher chance for players to recruit high-level allies from Yggdra’s various taverns.
• Revamped Quest System & Interface. New mission system in quests let you reap bigger rewards if you complete alternate objectives. An improved interface in and out of combat allows for a smoother time when party-managing or fighting.

New content and story chapters for the expansion will be made available in the coming months. Chain Chronicle Version 2 is free and requires no additional cost to download.

Chain Chronicle is a free strategy role-playing game with optional in-app purchases of virtual items. For more information and future updates on the strategy RPG game Chain Chronicle, check out the official Twitter feed, official Facebook page, and official website.

Additional Information:
Platforms: iOS and Android
Twitter: @ChainChronicleG
YouTube: ChainChronicleGlobal
Wiki Page:
Official Site:

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