“C” is Coming, Square Enix Teases Secret 2012 Title


Square Enix has launched a new teaser site which proclaims “Secret Title 2012, “C” is coming”. It includes a trailer with some concept art and some music we’ve often come to associate with SE. Right now of course it’s anyone’s guess what this Secret Title might be and speculation is likely to run wild. You can see via the #cc_sqex hashtag on Twitter is filled with various guesses and they more or less line up with the ones we’re kicking around. Everything ranging from a new MMO, a Social Game, a Chrono (Trigger) title (That’d be nice), or a Crystal Chronicles title.

For myself watching the trailer I’m getting a Final Fantasy Tactics kind of vibe, though to really make a leap on no evidence, “Secret Title” could very well mean a new Secret of Mana title. It’s all fun and speculation till someone leaks a reveal.

For now check out the trailer for yourself on the teaser site: http://cc2012.square-enix.co.jp/ and here’s some screen caps we took of the video below!

Thanks, VG24/7

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