Bungie Challenges Destiny Players In The Crucible



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Bungie, developers of Destiny have challenged their fans to multiplayer battles in the crucible.  Players will have the opportunity to test their skills in the games multiplayer arena known as the crucible against a team consisting of various members of Bungie’s staff.  Those who are skilled enough to clench a victory will be rewarded with a special in-game emblem labeled “The Sign of Opposing Will”, as well as a mention in Bungie’s weekly update blog.

"The Sign of Opposing Will " Player Emblem

“The Sign of Opposing Will ” Player Emblem

The event will take place weekly beginning on Thursday, the first of which to take place tonight at 7PM PDT in the “Clash” playlist.  While this first event will take place on the PlayStation 4, Bungie has stated that players on all platforms will have a chance to play with the team at some point in the near future.  Additionally, they will face their community in a mixture of the games different playlists in future events.

Bungie says the team consists of some of the best players the studio has to offer and that they will show you “how a legendary guardian looks and fights”. The team and their coresponding PlayStation ID’s are as follows…

imtylerdurden Josh Hamrick, Senior Designer
CE_Wizard Jon Weisnewski, Designer
Thug Larz  Lars Bakken, Design Lead
ShatteredNeo Brandon Lewis, Crucible Tester
DeeJ BNG David Dague Community Manager
…and alternates to be named at gametime.

If you are lucky enough to get paired against the team in matchmaking and leave victorious, proof is required to receive your reward.  Bungie has given specific instructions on how players will need to provide proof HERE.