Bioware is the Latest Company to be added to the Hacking List


Well it appears as though Bioware is the latest company to be breached by hackers. About 18,000 Neverwinter Nights Forum accounts were compromised. According to EA representatives, “this is a small percentage of total users” and it appears that the information that was exposed was email addresses, account usernames, passwords, countries and birthdates. Any account that linked their Bioware account with their EA account also has the potential of their mailing and billing addresses being compromised.

EA and Bioware became aware of the attack on June 14th and began securing the servers for Bioware’s Edmonton Neverwinter Nights Forums. Legacy Bioware accounts and and any affected EA accounts have been either disabled or had the password reset. Emails were sent out to all users who were affected by this breach, so if your password still works and you didn’t receive an email informing you of the breach, you are safe. Neverwinter Nights forum users information has since been secured and EA is stating that this attack was “highly sophisticated” and “unlawful”.

Lulzsec, which is a hacker group that has been behind several attacks recently made no mention of this on their Twitter account. So it seems that they may not be responsible for this attack on Bioware. There have been an alarming number of attacks as of late including Sony, Bethesda, Nintendo, Epic Games, Minecraft, Eve Online, Eidos, and Codemasters.

So for your safety, please check your emails for any from EA/Bioware if you are registered for their forums. Also please remember to watch your personal information closely if you do business with any of the above companies who have been breached. Identity Theft is a huge concern in this situation and the slightest information can be used to hurt you. Please remember to never share your passwords with anyone, and do not use the same password for your various accounts. A good rule of thumb is to never use birthdates, nicknames, or any personal info as your password, also always try to use a mixture of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, and numbers to make it harder for someone to guess your password. Its also a good idea to change your password every 30 to 60 days.

Source: IGN

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1 comment for “Bioware is the Latest Company to be added to the Hacking List

  1. 06/17/2011 at 4:18 AM

    And people thought I was overly paranoid for spending some time in recent months going back and closing old, unused email accounts, forum accounts, and the like, and, in the rare cases where you could NOT delete an account, scrubbing them clean of personal information.

    Now, when this stuff happens, I cannot help but feel like it was the right thing to do.

    It sucks that this keeps happening, and in many ways it’s often just to be malicious, not even to steal identities.

    You say Nintendo and Minecraft got hacked? I did not hear about that – what happened?

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