Beloved Indie Characters go Head to Head in Bounty Battle – Crowdfunding Campaign Live at FIG


French developer Dark Screen Games loves both fighting games and indies, and is combining these passions in Bounty Battle, a no-holds-barred brawler that allows up to four players to duke it out as characters from dozens of popular indie games. Help complete Bounty Battle’s development at the game’s campaign on Fig at!

With more than 20 indie studios showcasing their characters in the game, including Crusader from Darkest Dungeon, Trace from Axiom Verge, Juan from Guacamelee, Thora from Jotun, Death Agent from Death’s Gambit, and Sheriff Lonestar from Awesomenauts, Bounty Battle features distinct combat abilities and playstyles for each fighter, along with a unique arena inspired by each guest character’s respective game world.

“François has worked tirelessly to bring a wild mashup of indie characters into a chaotic battle royale.  Who will be crowned the champion?  The Crusader from Darkest Dungeon, of course ;)”-Chris Bourassa / RedHook (Darkest Dungeon)

“The idea behind Bounty Battle represents more than just a game, it represents the collectivity and collaboration of a large array of indie developers. We’re honored to have the Maiden from Eitr as a part of the Bounty Battle roster.” – David Wright, Eneme Entertainment (EITR)

“Bounty Battle is an indie lover’s dream, and a chance to brawl it out with some of your favorite characters across genres!” – Alex Kubodera, White Rabbit Games (Death’s Gambit)

“We’re really excited that Thora and Eshe are joining Bounty Battle! It’s an honor for us to be part of such a stellar lineup.” – William Dubé, Thunder Lotus (Jotun)

“When the developer approached us about including Trace from Axiom Verge in the game, it sounded like too much fun to resist. I’m excited to watch how the game progresses.” – Axiom Verge

Fig began presenting projects to the company’s First Look Club mailing list, which is a small self-selected subset of subscribers from the 100,000+ public newsletter, who are granted private access before campaigns go live.  As one of the first games in the program, Bounty Battle has earned over 27% of its funding goal before today’s public launch.

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