Bejeweled 3 Set to Match Up With Your Consoles in Q4 2011


PopCap Games announced today that they will be bringing an iteration of their hugely popular Bejeweled 3 title to nearly every current gen console later this year. Simulatiously releasing on Nintendo DS, Playstation 3, PSN, XBOX 360, and XBLA will bring the match-3 giant off your computer and into your consoles so you can match gems to your little black hearts content.


Having played the PC version I liked the updates they made to the franchise, both visually, aurally, and the various mini games and quest systems. Each version that will appear on the above systems will according to the press release be tailored to make the most of the experience for each version, so prepare yourselves to have your soul stolen by this casual gaming mainstay come 4th Quarter.

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