Atlus Online Taking Control of Shin Megami Tensei: Imagine This April


SMT: Imagine has been in operation for a couple of years now, the service being run by MMO Publishing giant Aeria Games. That’s about to change however as it was announced today that SMT:I is coming home and service is going to be taken over by Atlus Online, the MMO/Online Divsion of Atlus Inc. With the takeover to occur in April, it will include full migration of player accounts and data as they transition over.

There will be a downtime involved as they do extended maitinence to make sure everything’s running correctly, followed by a launch event for loyal remaining players as well as new players. From the announcement…

To reward existing players for their loyalty, both for past dedication and also for players who continue to play SMT: Imagine through and beyond the transition, ATLUS ONLINE also today announced a series of special loyalty events:

Migration Event (3/1 – Launch): Existing SMT users who keep playing during and after the ATLUS ONLINE launch will automatically be entered for a chance to win special in-game prizes.

New Users Event (3/1 – Launch): New users who register during the launch period with ATLUS ONLINE will be entered to win special in-game and physical prizes. Keep checking the site for more details!

SMT: Imagine is set to join the ATLUS ONLINE library this April. For more info, please visit the newly launched teaser site:

Now then, for your viewing pleasure we have a teaser trailer to highlight the coming migration and a few screens for those unfamiliar with SMT: Imagine. For myself I might have to return to the game to see how things go under Atlus having logged something in the nature of 300+ hours in the game back when it originally launched.

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