Anjel Syndicate Staff: Code of Conduct


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Anjel Syndicate expects all of its employees to comply with the code of conduct set out by management, at all times. If these rules are disregarded in any way, or an employee behaves in a way deemed as inappropriate, then management at Anjel Syndicate reserves the right to discipline employees as they see fit.

Disciplinary action may consist of any of the following; a formal oral warning, written warning, a final written warning, and dismissal, or in the case of gross misconduct, summary dismissal.

Amendment: We here at Anjel Syndicate pride ourselves on being transparent in our coverage of games and associated developers and publishers. To that end, we have added to our SCoC a notation regarding transparency and disclosures. Please see point #11 under the Rules segment below.


  1. Employees should comply with the terms of their employment that they sign when joining Anjel Syndicate.
  2. Employees should follow all instructions given for carrying out the function of their roles of employment, and perform their roles to a satisfactorily standard.
  3. Employees should satisfactorily perform any reasonable request relating to their role if issued by an authorized manager.
  4. Threatening, aggressive or violent behaviour or language is not permitted and may lead to dismissal – this applies both during working hours and outside of the work environment.
  5. Discriminatory behaviour or language is not permitted and anyone committing these offences will be punished by authorized management as seen fit.
  6. Bullying of individuals or groups, in any form, is not tolerated and again, anyone committing these offences will be punished by authorized management as seen fit. 
  7. Any disclosure of confidential information concerning the work of Anjel Syndicate or its employees is not permitted and if broken, will be punished accordingly. (This is in terms of private employee information or operational procedures that do not conflict with laws or the safety of others). 
  8. Employees must not behave in a way that brings or may bring Anjel Syndicate into disrepute.
  9. Employees will treat viewers of Anjel Syndicate and commenters on the companies pages with respect at all times.
  10. 10. Employees must not advocate, promote or support the piracy of video games in the public eye, on Anjel Syndicate pages or any Anjel Syndicate associated pages.
  11. Employees must conduct themselves in a transparent way in cases of conflicts of interest including
    1. Notation provided on review and preview coverage regarding if a title is a provided review/preview copy from a developer or publisher.
    2. Disclosure of funding developers via crowd-funding for a title should they review it.
    3. Disclosure of friendships or close personal relationships when writing news on a game developer’s project/title.
    4. Removing themselves from review or preview coverage of a friend or partner’s title.
    5. Removing themselves from coverage of a title they receive monetary return on investment.

The following are examples of the kind of behaviour which can constitute gross misconduct and which could lead to summary dismissal:

  • Physical violence towards anybody: this applies to your role as an employee but also outside of the work environment 
  • Serious misuse of the trust that exists between employees and anyone for whom Anjel Syndicate Community is responsible 
  • Gross insubordination 
  • Slandering companies we are associated with in the view of the public eye. 
  • Serious infringement of the rules of Anjel Syndicate.
  • Employees must not approach developers or publishers with requests for games under their own name or Anjel Syndicate’s name for their own concept or personal gain without discussing it with Anjel Syndicate admin prior.

Should you see one of our staff breaching our codes of conduct, please feel free to contact admin at