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Anjel Syndicate is actively seeking reliable, hardworking gamers above the age of eighteen to become part of our ever growing online community. You must be an enthusiastic gamer that can convey their opinions passionately to others in a constructive and individual written format. Journalism experience or education is definitely an asset but not required.

We’re have opportunities for the following areas.

  • News Department: Writing up and coverage breaking news, announcements, and new asset drops for games coming out or new updates to already released titles. We’re also looking to expand coverage into Table-top Role-playing games, Board Games, and even into Movies, Anime, and Television at some point going forward.
  • Review Artists: Reviewing games as they come out and exploring the experiences you have with those titles. Anjel Syndicate’s primary tenants when it comes to reviews is examining the experience the game delivers and the fun to be had during that experience.


Your role as a Review Writer/Journalist Anjel Syndicate is to write professional game reviews for the site that tells the reader in detail your experience of the game. You must cover every aspect of the game in a constructive and informative manner without blatantly slandering the game, its developers and/or publishers. Even though we can offer you a template we would prefer a review to be written in a style that reflects you as an individual. Review completion is set against a time limit that relates to your studying circumstances.

Note: Plagiarism is unacceptable and can lead to prosecution and loss of employment.

Included in your role as a Review Writer/Journalist you may be required to report on peripherals (gaming devices) and have great opportunities to report/review on gaming expos and other game related conventions or interview members of the industry. All reviews/reports are uploaded onto the Anjel Syndicate website to be viewed as featured pieces


  • Good writing and communication skills.
  • Access to a personal computer is a requirement; access to console(s) not required but will be beneficial.
  • Access to computer writing software, Microsoft word, Notepad, etc.
  • Good knowledge of games and the industry.
  • Able to express opinions and criticism constructively.

It is one of the main requirements that you are above the age of eighteen and are able to prove this with documentation that should be attached to the application in addition to a sample of your writing skills.


  • Free games and press passes to events.
  • Improve written skills and communication skills. 
  • Improved time management.
  • Experience for your Curriculum Vitae (Which is also a great opportunity for college/university students.
  • Everything you review you get to keep.

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