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Tsukushi is a first-year high schooler with no special physical traits or talents. Jin is another first-year who gives the impression of a self absorbed delinquent, but he’s turns out to be a talented soccer player. On a whim, Jin invites Tsukushi to be a fill-in player for his futsal team’s upcoming match. Jin discovers that Tsukushi has no real soccer ability,  but possesses an inspiring level of passion and determination even to the point of playing through his injuries.Tsukushi realizes that he loves the game enough to try out for the school’s soccer team. Wil Tsukushi be able to endure and make the soccer team? Will Jin potentially learn a few lessons from this unskilled, but passionate noob?

DAYS is based on a manga series and can be found streaming on Crunchyroll, Saturdays at 12;30 PM PDT/2:30 PM CDT/3:30 PM EDT.

My Reaction

First off, I have to point out that I don’t normally watch sports anime. So what drew me to giving this one a shot? Well honestly the first thing was Daisuke Ono voicing a character in this series. (Yes, I will admit I love all of his roles and he is an amazing singer!) Secondly, the story of the underdog wanting to become someone better.

I am glad I gave this one a shot! The story is really well written so far, the two main characters are likeable and relatable, and it has a way of drawing you in and keeping your attention. I will admit I am not a soccer fan, but this episode had me rooting for Tsukushi from start to finish.

The animation was fantastic as the characters looked amazing playing the game. The characters designs are well done and not too cartoonish. I loved the ED track, the song seems to fit well with the premise of the series. The OP song was also very good.

Overall, I think that the two main characters of this series will appeal to the sports anime fans, but will also draw in people like me who don’t normally watch them. I am very interested ambien online in seeing how the whole story plays out and I will be rooting for Tsukushi throughout the season! I gave this episode a 4.5 out of 5!

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