Tiny Toots – Have You Ever Wanted to be a Farting Dinosaur?


Tradewest Digital Ltd. finally spilled the beans on Tiny Toots, its upcoming slide-and-fly game for iOS. Scheduled for release in late November, Tiny Toots brings together prehistoric farts, dinosaurs, doctors, legumes, and rolling hills in a classic tale of “dino meets beans, dino loves beans, dino toots a lot.”

Tiny Toots features Houston, a lovable little dinosaur with an insatiable appetite for beans. But while he loves those little bundles of goodness, his stomach does not, and the results can be flammable. Players help Houston get his fill of beans as the magical fruit propels him onwards and upwards through an assortment of whimsical landscapes, pursued by his bean and fart-hating doctor. Players can also experience the never-before-seen prehistoric fart boost, Ghost Mode, Disco Mode, changing weather conditions, unlockable trophies, achievements, and much more.

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