11 bit studios Announces Fundraising Partnership With Children’s Charity “War Child”


This War of Mine

11 bit studios, the developers behind the upcoming game “This War of Mine,” is proud to announce an innovative fundraising partnership with War Child, a international charity that protects children from the brutal effects of war and its consequences.

This War of Mine is not a typical “war game”. Played from the perspective of civilians caught up in the conflict, the game is about individual survival, staying safe and staying alive in dangerous and volatile environments. Like War Child, 11 bit studios strongly believe that children should not be affected by war and share a vision of a world in which children are safe and can fulfill their rights to a childhood, an education and a positive future.

This relationship will not only raise vital funds for War Child but also raise vital awareness of the issues faced by children affected by conflict amongst players of This War of Mine.


Armored warfare is something that 11 bit studios believes should take place on consoles and gaming devices at home and not in the real world. By developing a game that shows the real impact of conflict on civilians, 11 bit studios are raising awareness of the horrific consequences of war and highlighting the need for assistance.

Children are always hit hardest by conflict. They are beaten, raped and tortured; their homes, families and schools are destroyed – everything a child needs to build a better future for themselves is lost. Protecting children and helping them overcome the conditions they are exposed to in conflicts around the globe is an imperative cause that 11 bit studios would like to support.

“This War of Mine is not just a game. It allows people to act their part in a war drama based on day-to-day reality of civilians suffering during armed conflicts, including children. We want to draw attention to the uncomfortable, but important topics that are too often absent from the public discourse. Thanks to the cooperation with War Child, we will be able to reach even more people giving them something to think about, and raise money for the good cause.” said Grzegorz Miechowski, CEO at 11 bit studios

Visit http://www.warchild.org.uk for information on War Child UK.

Visit http://www.warchild.org.uk/content/real-war-not-game for more information about Real War Is Not A Game.

Visit http://www.thiswarofmine.com for information about This War of Mine.

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