Zynga Unleashed Event Unveils New Games Coming to Facebook and New Mobile Services


Yesterday at Zynga Unleashed, Zynga, the world’s leading provider of social game services, announced its unified Zynga With Friends network and unveiled new web and mobile games across more genres. Zynga showcased its newest “Ville” games, introduced its latest ‘With Friends’ mobile game and expanded its portfolio across casino and arcade categories. Zynga shared its vision and strategy for the future of its social gaming network and outlined how the company will unify its technology and its player experience across web and mobile.

“We founded Zynga with a simple premise that we could help people put play back in their lives. We believe that play can become one of the most important ways we make new friends and enhance relationships,” said Mark Pincus, founder and CEO of Zynga. “Today’s Unleashed shows the products and technology that represent the next generation of Zynga. We’ve made some great progress on the Zynga Platform, and our pipeline of new games represents more genres of play that expand our audience, more mobile ways to play and more dimensions of play that will deliver the next generation of fun and social.”

Zynga Platform: Introduces Zynga API and Zynga With Friends Network
The Zynga Platform consists of a deep layer of infrastructure and a social gaming network. Today Zynga unveiled a new API layer called Zynga API, a central more efficient way for Zynga studios to tap into game services to make games more fun and more social. Zynga announced that it will open up the Zynga API to third party developers soon.

Zynga gave an early look at the Zynga With Friends network, a unified experience that will connect all players on any platform from Facebook to iOS and Android to Zynga.com. Zynga With Friends will take new, social inventions built on Zynga.com, and make them available to players across the entire network. Zynga With Friends will roll out a social lobby that will include features and services such as: zFriends, live Social Stream, chat, as well as Zynga’s newly launched multi-player feature on Zynga.com. Multiplayer allows players to challenge friends in head-to-head competition on Zynga.com.

Platform Partners: New Developers and First Partner Game Revealed for Zynga.com
Building on Zynga Platform partner momentum, the company unveiled three new partners developing games for Zynga.com: 50 Cubes, Majesco and Portalarium. They join a strong lineup of diverse and talented developers, including Sava Transmedia, Konami, Playdemic, Mob Science, Row Sham Bow and Rebellion. On stage at Unleashed, Sava Transmedia previewed the first third-party developed game for Zynga.com: Rubber Tacos. Rubber Tacos will be available soon on Zynga.com and Facebook.

Zynga Mobile: Unveils Zynga Partners for Mobile & New “With Friends” Game
Zynga Mobile unveiled its dedicated partner program for mobile, giving mobile developers and partners access to one of the world’s largest audiences of active mobile game players to drive discovery and reach for their games. The program will let partners of all sizes benefit from Zynga’s success with monetization, distribution, and player engagement. Early Zynga Partners for Mobile include, Atari, Crash Lab, Fat Pebble, Phosphor Games Studio, and Sava Transmedia. Partner games will be available on the Zynga with Friends Network this summer. More information can be found at www.developers.zynga.com.

Zynga launched its latest game in the “With Friends” franchise: Matching With Friends, which is available globally on iOS devices today. Matching With Friends is the fifth game in the With Friends franchise, and is a new type of social puzzle game that challenges players to strategically compete against their opponents by matching color blocks on their game board. The game includes popular social elements found in other With Friends games, including turn-based play and in-game chat.

New Games Across More Genres
Zynga revealed several new web games across new genres of play including Zynga Casino and Zynga Arcade. It also detailed several new, next generation games in its popular “Ville” genre. New games and updates rounding out the day’s event include:

  • The Ville Genre:Building on the genre it established, Zynga unveiled two new titles in the Ville genre:
      • The Ville – Led by social games pioneer Mark Skaggs, The Ville is Zynga’s next generation “house and people” game that offers players a chance to build the home of their dreams and enjoy it with their friends. The Ville is Zynga’s most social game to-date. The more people you interact with the more happiness you obtain in the game. As you level up in the game you unlock new objects for your home, and by building relationships with other avatars you unlock new interactions. The Ville is available tomorrow on Facebook and soon on Zynga.com. (See our earlier article: http://www.anjelsyndicate.org/2012/06/27/zynga-is-taking-on-sims-social-with-newly-announced-game-titled-the-ville/ )
      • ChefVille – ChefVille uses food to bring friends and family together through play. Players create a kitchen that would rival a 4-star chef’s allowing players unique, tasty dishes, ranging from pizza and steak Florentine to orange chicken. As players master a new dish, they’re emailed the recipe so they can recreate the dish at home in a true “Game to Table” play experience. ChefVille is coming soon to Zynga.com and Facebook.

  • The Casino Genre: Zynga continues to create the most social, engaging Casino games, building on its legacy with Zynga Poker.
    • Zynga Elite Slots – Zynga announced its next game in the Casino genre, joining Zynga Poker and Zynga Bingo: Zynga Elite Slots. Available soon, the game redefines the slots gameplay experience with brand new social elements, innovative features and beautiful graphics that will appeal to slots fans and new players alike.
  • The Arcade Genre: Zynga recapped its recent growth in the Arcade genre, as well as a new update to its most recently launched game, Ruby Blast.
    • Ruby Blast – Launched last week, Ruby Blast is a fast, fun, social and visually-engaging game, where players match gems, dig through bedrock with help from friends, and activate power-ups to reach high scores in a weekly leaderboard. Today, Zynga announced that it will soon bring Ruby Blast multi-platform, allowing players to carry their scores wherever they go.

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