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Wildstar is coming out next week (this weekend if you’ve preordered) and if you haven’t been looking at Wildstar already, or you just haven’t heard about it, here are my reasons for why you should play Wildstar!

Wildstar has some of the most fun combat in a MMORPG I have ever played. And this is extremely important to me. I can’t stay interested in most MMORPGs because the combat isn’t interesting or fun. What Carbine studios has done is created a combat system that they call ‘Freeform Targetting’, which allows the player to aim their abilities at enemies and a telegraph of some shape is displayed on the ground showing the exact area of effect of the ability they are about to use. This is the case for both you and you enemies, so this allows you also to dodge your enemies attacks if you are quick enough, and vice-versa. The system seems simple enough at first because they are easing you into the idea of using telegraphs in combat, but at later levels is where the combat really shines.

Dodge This!

Dodge This!


Wildstar is a beautiful and charming game! Both factions have fun and interesting motivations for wanting to take over Nexus, the planet where the game is set. Carbine is appealing to people who like games with the unknown of space, and the Wild West. In short, the ‘Space Cowboy’ fantasy. There is an enormous amount of lore to find and a lot of map to explore and all of the content is brilliantly delivered. They aren’t afraid to use colors either as this game is full of vibrant environments and areas that are a joy to explore.


Paths offer another way to play the game other than ‘pick up quest, kill 10 things, get a reward’. The give the player something else to do in the game that is designed to appeal to the different types of players that play MMOs. If you are the kind of person that loves to learn everything about the world you have decided to spend a chunk of time in, then you might like the scientist path. If you are are the type of player that just has to explore every last bit of the map, then explorer is the path for you. And so on. Paths are also designed to synergise with each other. For instance, you notice a door that only an explorer can open which leads you to a lab. In this lab only a scientist can activate the controls, and this spawns an enemy that drops a sweet piece of loot. You couldn’t have done this on your own otherwise, and it really makes you feel important when you have the right path for the job.

These are so insane! I haven’t played a raid yet, but if the dungeons are even a small indicator to the crazy challenges I expect from a raid, start earning money to craft that raid gear now! You are going to need skill, quick reflexes, coordination, and gear tuned to your role to pull these things off. And when you do manage to beat one of these things, man does it feel rewarding. Not to mention the sweet loot you get from these encounters. You are probably going to die a lot, but when you get into the rhythm of the fights, it is incredibly fun.



I was never one to be interested in player housing in MMOs really. I always had a hangout spot in the MMOs I have played, but when housing was involved, I never really got into it. That said, after getting my house in wildstar, and fiddling around a bit with the plot of land they gave me and put a few things in my house, it felt nice to have something to call my own in the game. A place I can return to that I have full control over. I actually missed my house when the beta servers went down, which has never happened before. And you can’t help but fall in love with your house, they make you give it a name, and after that its too late. You would have to be heartless to send it back to the housing pound after that!


Wildstar is a promising new MMORPG with an amazing team behind it and this isn’t all the game has to offer, These are just 5 things that stood out to me that made the game fun during the time I had to play it. I have no doubts this game is going to be really big.
For more information, check out their ‘Features’ Trailer

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