Visual Novel/Music Game, Symphonic Rain, Now Available on Steam!


Play the definitive version of the 2004 Visual Novel/Music game classic from KOGADO Studio, with visuals remastered in beautiful high-def by original character artist Siro. Also available for the first time (officially) in English!

Set in Piova, the city of music and endless rain, guide Chris Vertin on the path to become a Fortenist—a master of the magical instrument known as the Fortelle. Play music sections with different vocal partners set to the beautiful melodies composed and sung by Ritsuko Okazaki. Experience multiple endings based on your choices and performances.

When the sound of Chris’s playing harmonizes with the voice of the musical magic fairy, who knows what might happen? Play now and find out!


  • A poignant drama set in the city of endless rain written by Maoto Nishikawa
  • Multiple endings depending on your choices and performance in the musical sections
  • Remastered HD artwork by original character designer/artist Siro
  • Fleeting, beautiful melodies by singer and songwriter Ritsuko Okazaki
  • Harmonious fusion of Visual Novel and Music-based gameplay

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