Unhallowed Necropolis, Revised Edition is up for preorder!


Fresh from their ENnie nomination for Unhallowed Metropolis, Atomic Overmind is putting up a revised edition for Unhallowed Necropolis for preorder. This would be the extended sourcebook for the UM universe, including new rules, Callings and lore for this unique, “gas-mask chic” game. Normally you’d be able to pick up a copy at your local game store in September, but this promotion will get the book in your hands a month earlier.

The book itself is going for $32.95, with a PDF bundle priced at $39.95. If you’re going to GenCon Indy, you can grab it right from their booth (#1201), otherwise order it at the page below!

(source: http://atomicovermind.com/main/unhallowedmet/2012/08/03/unhallowed-necropolis-revised-pre-orders-are-open/)


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