Ubisoft Unveils “Watch Dogs Live” Exclusive App for Canadian Gamers



Ubisoft announces the release of “Watch Dogs Live”, an immersive multiplayer mobile gaming experience giving players the opportunity to become Canada’s ultimate hacker. Inspired by Ubisoft Montréal’s highly anticipated open-world action game, the Watch Dogs Live application is now available for free through Apple App Store and Google Play Store app.

“The Watch Dogs Live app is an interactive way for eager Canadian fans to get involved with the franchise in anticipation of the game’s release,” said Lucile Bousquet, Communication and Marketing Director at Ubisoft Entertainment – Canada. “It’s also an innovative and engaging way to invite new players to experience Watch Dogs for the first time.”

In Watch Dogs Live, players join secret hacking group Dedsec to stop an unscrupulous media magnate from using hacking for his own personal gain. Using geo-location, the app puts players within a map of their own city, where they must compete to gain control of vulnerable sites. Players must gain experience and level up in order to outwit other hackers, access more sites and climb the national leaderboard. Players help Dedsec bring the villain to justice by taking part in four special missions where group hacking unleashes events in the real world. These missions will impact the city and allow players to experience a real-life Watch Dogs inspired scenario prior to the game’s release.

Users without iOS or Android devices interested in joining the adventure can do so by visiting the Watch Dogs Live website at http:\\www.watchdogslive.ca and signing up.

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