The Tribez are Back in Business! Game Insight’s Trade Island Now Available Worldwide


Following the 60 million player success of The Tribez, Tribez & Pets, and The Tribez & Castlez, Game Insight has today launched the latest game in their popular Tribez series, Trade Island: Big City Tribez. Available as a free download on the App Store and Google Play, Trade Island brings the descendants of the original Tribezmen to a thriving modern metropolis that gives the player complete control over both city and citizens.

“The Tribez have explored different time periods and gameplay mechanics over its first twelve years, but at its core the series has always been about one thing: community,” said Game Insight CEO Anatoly Ropotov. “Trade Island continues this tradition, getting players closer to the lives of their Tribezmen than ever before.”

In addition to the city-building and farming elements that Tribez players have already developed a taste for, Trade Island puts much of its focus on the lives of individual citizens. Players will help them relax at the beach, chat with their neighbours, and even do a little shopping – all while advancing compelling citizen-specific storylines.

Trade Island will also introduce an element of business gameplay to the series for the first time. Players will produce goods, make deals, and fulfill requests to help their relationships with citizens grow, all while building their city into a world-class destination.

“Trade Island celebrates everything our players love about the Tribez franchise, and brings a new layer of tycoon gameplay to Tribez fans that Game Insight is already incredibly well-versed in,” added Ropotov. “With hit games like Paradise Island and Airport City, we’ve been perfecting mobile business simulations for nearly a decade. In Trade Island, we’ve taken the learnings from these past releases and applied them to our most popular casual franchise.”

Game Insight has also prioritized optimizing Trade Island’s user experience, with features including adaptive gameplay that allows players to switch between portrait and landscape play modes with a flick of their wrist. As a bonus for Apple Watch owners and fitness enthusiasts, Trade Island will use the device’s built-in pedometer function to help players unlock in-game rewards when they reach certain step count milestones.

Trade Island is available now on the App Store and Google Play Store as a free download. To learn more, visit

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