The Rumor Mill: Next Gen XBOX and Playstation at E3 2012!


There’s always rumors floating around about the next gen consoles and now according to MCV; Microsoft and Sony might very well be revealing something about their next systems at E3 this year. (Note: The Wii U doesn’t count as a “Next-Gen” system by my estimation, more of a Current Gen MK-II, just sayin’).


Now of course these are rumors and while the debate continues to rage on if we even need a new generation of consoles yet or not rages on amongst the community like it or not we will eventually be hearing about the next generation of massively over-priced systems to covet and drool over. Will the presence of or at least some kind of tease for the next XBOX and Playstation system be revealed at E3, CES, or other show this year. We can only wait, wonder, and watch, as only time, or the Great Pumpkin knows what or when anything will be revealed.


When rumor becomes confirmed fact we will of course keep you updated!

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