The Long Dark Coming to Steam Early Access Sept 22


The Long Dark Logo Indie Survival game The Long Dark will be coming to Steam’s Early Access program on September 22nd.  Early Access for the game will come in the form of a Survival Sandbox game mode which will test players abilities to adapt and survive in the frozen Canadian Wilderness. TheLongDark_TrestleRavine As you traverse the beautiful yet dangerous landscapes, you are challenged to monitor your vitals including calories, temperature, fatigue, hunger and thirst.  In order to survive  you will be required to scavenge the frozen tundra and abandoned buildings through a seemingly endless winter for supplies, gear and food.  Remember to keep an eye out for the lands natural inhabitants as you explore.  Wildlife can be hunted for food, but can also pose a serious threat to your survival. TheLongDark_QuonsetInterior2 Developer hinterland games plans to announce more content closer to the Early Access release date, but says “players can expect new gameplay systems, new gear, and several new locations to explore, as well as some other fun surprises!



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