Tabletop RPG News: Shatterzone brought back by Princis Intermedia


The space opera RPG Shatterzone is getting new life breathed into it thanks to Princis Intermedia! From their press release:

Space is big… life is hard… and the universe isn’t just a game. Precis Intermedia brings back Shatterzone, the classic sci-fi roleplaying game that offers a wide range of adventure opportunities. Build your own alien characters; explore the heart of the Core Worlds to the mysterious and deadly shatterzone itself; encounter the power of Fleet, evil Armagons, radical fringers, and piratic shatrats.

“…surprisingly intuitive… particularly adaptable… a versatile game set in an expansive, flavorful universe…”

Shatterzone uses a rules system much like MasterBook, with a quantifiable value scale that is used to measures success for tasks, combat, and various social maneuvers. Psionics, cyberware, and starship rules are also included. The PDF download is bundled with the MasterDeck cards that can be printed in a variety of formats. These cards are optional, but greatly recommended for enhanced play. Printed cards are available separately.

You can find the book on DriveThruRPG¬†for $13, which is a pretty good price for the game book and cards, although I’ll be springing for pre-printed cards myself. West End Games made a great game, and it’s excellent to see Shatterzone get a fresh start again.











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