Shadow Fight 2 for iOS and Android Surpasses 35 Million Downloads


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Nekki, developer and publisher of high-quality content for mobile, social, and browser-based platforms, today announced that its most recent game, Shadow Fight 2, has amassed over 35 million downloads to date. The game attracts more than 1.5 million daily average users across iOS and Android worldwide, and is the sequel to the Facebook-based Shadow Fight, which has been downloaded over 46 million times. In total, the studio has seen 160 million total downloads for its games across all platforms. Shadow Fight 2 has reached the #1 position on the Apple App Store and on Google Play in 100 countries worldwide since its launch in May.

Shadow Fight 2 is classic martial arts combat with RPG elements. The game utilizes Nekki’s proprietary cascadeur animation technology, which allows for fluid animation of stunts without the need for expensive motion capture tools. The game is optimized for the touchscreen, with nimble controls to maintain a fast-paced playing experience. Players take on the role of a ninja, fighting enemies and demons as they amass an arsenal of weapons and rare armor. The evolving storyline keeps players fully immersed in the world of Shadow Fight, while the lifelike animation and action sequences create an adrenaline-fueled journey. The game combines the best of action games optimized for mobile devices, with the richness and depth of arcade-style fighting games.

“We are thrilled to see such an enthusiastic reception for Shadow Fight 2, allowing us to reach 35 million downloads in under four months,” said Nekki Co-founder and CEO Dmitry Terekhin. “Our goal is to always create games that we want to play, and we know we’ve gotten it right when our community of loyal and vocal fans use the power of word-of-mouth to propel our games to the top of the charts.”

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