Set Sail for Never-Before-Seen Lands “The Dawn of the Lost Continent” Update Arrives to Blade & Soul Today


Get ready, Cricket! The journey to Solak and the next chapter in the Blade & Soul story will be available after the game updates on Dec. 6. To prepare for the new challenges the lost continent of Solak brings, the player level cap will increase to 55, and the Hongmoon level cap will increase to 25; this will accommodate the new Hongmoon Ultimate Skills, class-specific skills that unleash total devastation. Adding to the mix are new heroic end-game dungeons: a solo dungeon, two 6-player dungeons and a 12-player raid dungeon, with powerful rewards.

Here’s a closer look at what’s coming in the Dawn of the Lost Continent Update:

  • The Most Fearsome Scallywags Wanted – Players will have a new level cap to reach, as the max level gets raised from 50 to 55 for all characters. Those who prove their mettle will unlock Hongmoon Ultimate Skills; class-specific attacks of pure destruction.
  • Westward, Ho! – Act 8 of the epic Blade & Soul storyline sends players on a mission to awaken Jinsoyun. Of course, players will need to enlist the help of Chol Mugo and his GIANT FLYING PIRATE SHIP (The Iron Shadow) to reach the mysterious continent of Solak. There are plenty of new areas for players to explore, including Valindira, the long-lost ancestral home to the Yun.
  • Gather Your Crew – Hollow’s Heart and Starstone Mines are the two new 6-member heroic dungeons in Solak, filled to the brim with new treasure, waiting to be taken. And unruly buccaneers can test their skills in the new weekly 12-member raid, Snowjade Fortress.
  • Become the King of the Outlaws on Outlaw Island! – Poharan, the gun-toting maniac and Vice Admiral of the Blackram, has an even more maniacal gun-toting sister, Yeohoran! And she’s the resident Force of Nature on Outlaw Island. The heroic solo dungeon will pit players in the Blackram Battle Royale to challenge the pirate queen herself in a deadly duel.

This update marks the largest change to Blade & Soul since the game’s launch; between the level cap increase, the addition of Hongmoon Ultimate Skills, and more, the Dawn of the Lost Continent provides tons of new challenges for veteran end-game players. The new in-game content, along with new events are available beginning Dec. 6. For full information on the patch notes and individual character class balances, please visit:

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