Sekai Project Announces Five New Visual Novel Games and Manga Publishing Project


Sekai Project LogoAt their industry panel at Otakon, Sekai Project has announced 5 new visual novel titles as well as unveiling their newest expansion into mixed media: Manga publishing. Similar to its anime counterpart currently airing on, GATE follows an otaku JSDF soldier as he leads his team to explore a mysterious world filled with knights, elves and dragons. Written by Takumi Yanai, illustrated by Satoru Sao and published by Alpha Polis, GATE spearheads Sekai Project’s new manga initiative. More details to come in the future.

Also being announced at Otakon: the unrated version of “The Fruit of Grisaia” has finished QA and will soon be available for digital download on Denpasoft’s website. Another Frontwing title, “Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru” has also finished QA testing and will also be available very soon. Lastly, “G-senjou no Maou – The Devil on G-String” is currently in QA testing and will come with Steam cards when it is released sometime this summer.

Tenshin RanamanTenshin Ranman
Developed by: Yuzusoft

Haruki Chitose’s life could be described in one word: unlucky. He had lost countless wallets, been in innumerable biking accidents, and always ended up being hassled by others whenever he went into town. Many would consider such events to be unfortunate, but this was normal for him. Things suddenly take a turn for the worse when a certain something arrived at his doorstep.

A package without an address or sender, just labeled with a sticker that said “living creature”. Who would ever expect a girl to be delivered to your doorstep? A new sort of misfortune–no, a literal gift from the gods–was the opening to even crazier days for Haruki.

Nenokami - The Two Princess Knights of KyotoNenokami: The Two Princess Knights of Kyoto
Developed by: Kuro Irodoru Yomiji

A strange earthquake in Kyoto’s northern district; televised broadcasts of “paganist” cultists behaving abnormally; and spotting of “oni”-like beings spreading across all of Japan. Over time, people’s interest shifted back to the day-by-day goings on in the news, and their idle chatter. Those events were no longer worth discussing.

Up until now, Ren has been living her life as a normal high school student. She suddenly reunites with Shinonome, her childhood friend from years ago, and is told– “Ren. As of today, I’m going to have you abandon this town… and your life.” Since reuniting with Shinonome, Ren is thrust onto the stage of “reality,” and the veil hiding the “truth” of this world is lifted. And — the girls’ lives are played with by the fate thrust upon them.

Witch Boy Magical PieceWitch Boy Magical Piece
Developed by: Rosemary House

When mysterious organisms called “Creatures” attacked the Earth, the government was powerless to resist their onslaught. As the world was gripped by fear, the development of “Magic” by reverse engineering the Creatures technology enabled the government to fight back.

Sakurai Hinata is your average high school student. Because of his aptitude for magic he is forced to
transform into a beautiful girl and wield magic. A witch. Together with four other boys with similar talents except one who is forced to cross dress due to his low aptitude they fight the increasingly powerful creatures. At first, Hinata struggles but as time passes a feeling of camaraderie develops and maybe something far stronger than just camaraderie begins to take root between them.

fault milestone two side - abovefault milestone two side:above
Developed by: Alice in Dissonance

fault milestone two side:above is a Cinematic Visual Novel that takes place right after the events of fault milestone one. With the addition of a new 3D camera system, fault milestone two aims to introduce a more immersive and “larger than life” reading experience. Follow the grand science fantasy story of Selphine and the gang as they make their way back to their homeland!

Nekopara Vol. 0Nekopara Vol. 0
Developed by: NEKO WORKs

A NEKOPARA fan disc, Volume 0 is a prequel to the events of NEKOPARA Volume 01. Get to know Chocola, Vanilla and the rest of the gang on a typical day at home in the Minaduki household. Needless to say, things are less than normal…

Sekai Project is a diverse group of anime fans who have collaborated together to localize games and other media from Japan. We were fully incorporated as a company in 2013 and we’re committed to bringing the games we love from Asia to the West. Sekai Project has continued to work with popular content creators such as Frontwing, VisualArt’s/Key, ALICE IN DISSONANCE and NEKO WORKs to bring titles such as The Grisaia Trilogy, CLANNAD, fault, and NekoPara to fans across America.

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