[Rumor] New Rock Band Likely In Development


rock band logo

According to a source familiar with the plans of Rock Band development, Harmonix is working on developing a new entry in the once extremely popular music series for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


This news follows several other recent events from Harmonix which seem to hint at the likelihood of a new Rock Band title.  The first of these was an online survey that Harmonix asked fans to fill out.  The survey was centered around interest in Rock Band and your current and past Rock Band habits.  The survey asked fans questions such as, how many DLC tracks have you purchased for Rock Band and what systems/ instruments do you still own.  It is likely that Harmonix will try to find a way to allow customers a way to utilize their old instruments with an adapter or some other method.  The second event which hints at a revival is the addition of three new DLC tracks to the Rock Band store.  The new tracks featuring Avenged Sevenfold, Arctic Monkeys and Foo Fighters are the first addition to the store in nearly two years. If that isn’t enough of a hint, the three tracks all are about the return of things you love…

In Rock Band’s prime, Harmonix was owned by Activision but the developer is now independent.  The rumor of development has not been confirmed by Harmonix, but the future looks hopeful for fans of the franchise.

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