[Review] Y-350X 7.1 POWERED – DOOM EDITION [XBOX One]



  • DEVELOPER: Thrustmaster
  • PLATFORM: XBOX One, Windows
  • PRICE: $59.99 (USD)

It’s been a while since I’ve had a headset to cover, so when the Y-350X came in, I was interested to see what Thurstmaster had to offer with this one. As with any headset, I take my time to get a handle on it’s long term use and comfort. Too often we can get caught up with just how well they sound and forget that we might have something on our head for hours on end. To this I can say the Y-350 was more than comfortable from the ear cups to the cushioned head band. Add into the lightness of the overall set and it more than suits long hours of play and listening.


Now then, as to the sound quality , my expectations were met and exceeded given the price point of the set. Everything sounded crisp without distortion, and with the “Y Sound Commander” component readily accessible attached to the controller, there was ease of use to make adjustments to volume and mute/unmute the mic. Quick hits to re-balance game and chat sound make it easy to set things to my liking. The microphone itself captured voice and everything sounded clear. That said, it had more pick up than I expected and without the right balance echos could be heard from the set itself and other near distance audio leaked through. Not a difficult  situation to remedy, but is worth mentioning.

The power pack makes for a nice addiction to keep from controller drain and being able to charge while in use extends play time nicely. Makes for longer play time when needed without having to change batteries or headsets. Also the Y-350X is easily compatible with Windows with your XBOX One controller either in use for PC gaming or as a connector if you just want to voice chat while PC gaming.


All in all the Y-350X delivered and for it’s price point makes a good investment if you’re looking for a reasonably priced headset for your XBOX One needs. While not wireless, the cords don’t get in the way and deliver solid sound and performance. The Doom branding for this particular edition is great and not overstated for a nice look to the set. The Y-350X 7.1 Powered Doom Edition certainly makes my recommendation list for it’s price and performance. Other than the microphone pick up I’ve enjoyed using it and will likely be using this set for a fair amount of gaming to come.

Final Score: 9.5

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