[Review] SteelSeries Siberia v2 Full-size Headset Pink Special (PC)

TITLE: Siberia V2 Full Size Pink Special
PRODUCER: SteelSeries
PRICE: $89.99


  • Closed type headphones
  • Pull-out microphone
  • Crystal clear high, low and mid-tones
  • 50mm driver units
  • Lightweight suspension construction
  • Integrated volume control located on the cord



  • Frequency response: 10 – 28.000 Hz
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • SPL@1kHz, 1Vrms: 112 dB
  • Cable length: 1 m + 2 m = 3m / 9.84 ft.
  • Jack: 3.5 mm


  • Frequency response: 50 – 16.000 Hz
  • Pick up pattern: Uni-directional
  • Sensitivity: -38 dB

Though the SteelSeries Siberia V2 Full Headset is not a new item on the market, the pink edition is the newest color added to the line. With every purchase of the Pink Edition, 10% of the full retail price is donated to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

In my review, I will be reviewing the headset as a new user to SteelSeries accessories, since I have never owned a SteelSeries headset or used the original Siberia to compare the differences.


When my headset arrived in the mail the first thing I noticed was how nicely the headset is packaged. It was packaged in a sleek black box with a window that gives you a nice view of the headset. Upon opening the package, the first thing I noticed was the flocked plastic tray that the headset is attached to. Also inside the box was a SteelSeries logo sticker and a product pamphlet.

Headset Design

Now I not being a girly girl, pink is not really a color I would normally purchase, but knowing that the color represented Breast Cancer Awareness it was easy to get used to the color. One of the first things I noticed upon placing them on my head was how comfortable they are and how they adjust to each users head size. Unlike most headsets, the use of elastic threads allows it to suit any head shape and doesn’t require the size to be set at a particular level. The ear cups have been developed for comfort giving them more padding with a comfortable feel on the ears. The actual speaker is just covered with a thin piece of material in order to prevent any muffling from occurring. At first glance you would think that the ear cups would make you sweat, but they have been designed to allow the right amount of airflow to keep your ears from sweating and not interfere with the sound quality. The outer parts of the ear cups are constructed from solid pink matte plastic with a pink grill effect in the center. The microphone is an integrated part of the headset positioned at the bottom of the left ear cup. In addition to this, the microphone is retractable allowing it to tuck away neatly inside. This design makes it a lot nicer than other headsets I have used in the past because it’s not always in the way when not in use. The Siberia V2’s cord is a total of 9ft long with standard part being 3ft and the extension cord making up the other 6ft. The volume/microphone control box is located on the standard part of the cord. This control box lets you adjust the volume without having to exit a game to adjust the volume and includes a slider switch for muting the microphone.

Sound Quality

For the sound test portion of my review I used my new headset for listening to music, watching a movie and game playing on my PC, with a PC USB Sound Card Plug Adapter I was also able to use my headset on my PS3.

I used a wide range of music from classical to heavy metal as to see how it handles all the different tones from these various genres. Much like any set of good headphones, the Siberia V2 faithfully reproduced the mid-range tones and allowed for near complete immersion into the music. The bass quality was a bit muddy sounding, but not enough to make me think any less of the quality. Compared to most headsets in its price range they do a very decent job and provide a good sound stage among the higher priced gaming headsets.

For the gaming portion of the sound test I played various MMOs with a wide range of sounds and in-game music. On the PS3 I used the headset while playing Dragon’s Dogma, Lego Batman 2, Borderlands, and Battlefield 3. Now I have to say that the sound quality for gaming just blew me away! They do an absolutely wonderful job at reproducing in-game sounds. Footsteps, voices and even ammo hitting the floor come through crisp and clear. The treble and bass response is also perfectly tuned for games with every deep rumble and high pitched wail being faithfully recreated in Borderlands. Gun battles in Battlefield 3 had an almost visceral feel to them while in RPGs and MMOs, every conversation, battlecry, and beastly grunt was clearly defined. While playing Battlefield 3, the microphone was very easy to use and the quality was by far more than I expected. Very little (if any) background noise leaked through the microphone which made communicating with friends/ teammates extremely clear.

Final Score: 9.0

It was very hard to find faults with this headset. No the sound quality is not 100% when listening to music or watching movies, but for gaming its top notch. As a hardcore lover of Turtle Beach headsets, I have to say that SteelSeries has gained a new fan of their products. I never thought that anyone could get me to like another brand of peripherals, but SteelSeries is now a company that I will recommend to my friends.

So if you are in the market for a new top notch quality headset and don’t mind paying a little bit more for that quality then definitely pick up a SteelSeries Siberia V2 in any color that the line is available in or grab the pink edition and help Breast Cancer Research.

Find out more about SteelSeries products here: Official Website

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