[Review] PDP AG7 True Wireless Headset [XBOX One]


TITLE: PDP AG7 True Wireless Headse

DEVELOPER: Performance Designed Products


PRICE: $99.99 (USD)


I have a love all things headsets, and whenever a new one comes in for review I have a tendency to take my time putting them through various tests. With the Afterglow 7 much like other wireless headsets I’ve had in the past I look at comfort. wireless range, and of course battery life. With the AG7 I was more than interested in it’s performance as it’s the first PDP product I’ve gotten to check out so I spent a fair amount of time using it.


Comparatively to headsets I’ve covered in the past the AG7 has become one of my go to headsets for either online play or just general gaming and music enjoyment. Sound quality is clear and consistent. With easy switching between audio modes I could pop from one to the other with a push of a button depending on the activity. Sound quality of the microphone came through clear without any troubles and delivered my voice at expectation without too much background noise filtering in.

The headset itself is straightforward without a mess of buttons and switches to get used to. Everything built into the frame made for quick changes to volume, muting and un-muting the mic or simply turning the device on and off. Simplicity of design is something every headset needs to be really functional for gamers in the heat of play and the AG 7 delivers.

Battery life has been consistent over prolonged use for over the month I’ve put into using the headset. Popping them off and connecting them to charge either when I was done or while in use was convenient and often kept me from having to switch out headsets in mid play. The range also gave some good mobility for when you want to jump up and grab something. I’ve seen other sets that went further but many that were shorter range where sound would start to drop or shut down.


The last and one of the more important aspects of any review is the long term comfort of the headset. The AG 7 isn’t a weighty device for all that’s contained in the frame and found myself often forgetting they were there as the fit was snug and comfortable both for the headband and the ear cups. Often with headsets of the wireless persuasion they can weigh on your head after a few hours, with the AG 7 I didn’t find any issues in that regard and when I was absorbed in a game hours would go by without any bother.

Overall the Afterglow 7 delivered to my expectations and will spend a good amount of time in rotation for my game audio needs. The only real negative point I’ve come across is the restriction of flexibilty of the headband with the hard plastic top covering. So I could see some cracks happening if you go into full rage mode. Otherwise I definitely recommend the AG 7 for your XBOX one Audio needs if you’re looking for something at or under $100.

Final Score: 9.5

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